Thoughts and Relative Permanancy

I’ve been having a lot of thoughts lately that just need to be put down on paper and decided upon. The weather is getting cooler, so I have less time to play outside, which means a variety of other options, especially since I’m going to be employed again soon.This is relevant.

If you have ever asked me a question lately or I’ve commented and I mentioned Content Management Systems and revenue, this is it. It’s not too difficult to get traffic to a website. Traffic generates revenue in a number of ways, many of which aren’t even noticeable to the visitors.

I say traffic isn’t difficult and I stand by it. But it is simple in the same way “getting a good job” is an easy way to make “tons of money”. Think of why you visit a site and you will probably understand where I’m heading with this.

Content. A consistently updated site with a variety of interesting content will provide an increasing traffic flow. And if traffic causes revenue, then content causes revenue by extension.

A reliable and professional layout for content that is a legal means of obtaining revenue is what I’ve been telling a few people to try. Then I realized, “Hey Floyd, maybe nobody is giving it a shot, because they don’t know how to develop and maintain a CMS on a web server”

I’m thinking, that I might do some sort of beta-blog community to test these theories in the coming months. I’d develop or customize a CMS, purchase a server, domain and maintain it all. The second step would be to have interested parties (including myself) to start writing their own personal blogs, editorials, columns, reviews or art/stories that they’d want.

If any of this sounds familiar to things I might have mentioned early in my college career, this is an evolved form of Story Board (an online writer’s workshop).

More complicated than necessary? Really only to the admin (myself). Besides, what’s the point of all these guns if we don’t use ’em?

Story time:
I’m not kidding when I say I sleep next to a stack of short story collections and novels that are supported by a copy of Writer’s Market. I have priorities in my life and among the obvious ones I have a writing career.

It’s impossible for me to sit down and write a short story while I’m unemployed. I feel like I’m wasting time that could be spent looking for a job.

“But Floyd!” you say. “How long have you spent writing this note? How long do you spend responding to others’s?”

Well, I’ve applied to three today, made a phonecall to two of them and I’m still looking at starting one next week. Maybe you are right. I do have time to write and this is an excuse.

Personally, I’m not sure how many people are aware how many movies I see in an average week. An example for you:

Think of a movie that is released in theaters.

I’ve seen it, unless you thought of The Seeker or Game Plan, I’ve seen it. Hell, I even saw D-War so that nobody else would have to. I’m in a unique position here in St Louis and it’s enjoyable.

If you plan on seeing a movie, ask me about it first. For situations like Across the Universe, Michael Clayton and D-War you can easily save $8.

Conclusion and Pro-tip:
I had more to write, but I can’t remember all of it right now. So here’s a tip. Relevant images are attractive in a blog and will increase traffic and retention (time spent on site and likelihood to return). Irrelevant images, however, are the exact opposite and clutter the article.


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