Stranger than Nonfiction

“Can you prove that [the Rapture] is fictional? What if I am correct? Could it be possible?”Let me be the first to welcome our new Space Monkey Overlords.

An appeal to ignorance is when you expect to not argue your standing by your opponent’s inability to disprove your argument. You need to prove your point, not shift the burden onto your opponent.

  • Example: The moon landing was a hoax, and you haven’t provided any evidence that proves otherwise.

Assuming the rapture is prophesied in biblical literature as an event occurring at the end of times involving Kirk Cameron, I assert that proving it wrong is impossible.”What?” you say.
“No, really,” I say.

However, I do assert that all prophecies are crap. Prophecy, clairvoyance, and ESP are crap because they all require large amounts of self deception. If you predict enough, people will see positives in the flood of negatives. This is called confirmation bias. This sort of selective thinking is why Nostradamus and the Bible Code are popular. I would like to make an example.

Monkeys that left the earth at the Dawn of Man shall return from space and rule with an iron fist. Prove me wrong.
While we are at it, prove the following wrong:

  • The final battle between the Aesir and the Jotnar which destroys the universe. (Norse)
  • The purifying of the world by a White Buffalo Calf Woman (Lakota Tribe)
  • Kali Yuga, the final stage of Kalpa (Hindu)

What you seem to believe, is that if you can’t prove any of them wrong, then all of them are possible outcomes, including the space monkey theory.

Now, I fully expect to hear, “Space Monkeys are not mentioned in the bible, which is the word of God, and is therefore true.” Which puts the burden of proof back onto you (heads up, it’s an appeal to authority). Either prove the rapture or prove the existence of a god (any will do), but stop pushing the burden onto others.

Just for Fun
I’m going to make vague predictions about the Thanksgiving Holiday. If any of these come true for anyone, please tell me.

I’m generally not too great at this, as I’m new to cold reading and the like. Things may not be too clear. I’m going to just say things as I see them, which will probably be unimportant to me, but mean a lot to you.

I see a girl, she’s not related and seems insecure about something, a problem with a man or a father figure of some type.

I’m feeling warm and kind glow off of a man, he’s older, but I’m also feeling anger around the holiday.

This person I’m seeing, they feel they have a great weakness, and they are overly critical of themselves because of it, but they also have unlimited potential inside themselves.


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