Rom Houben and Facilitated Communication

I think the media is pulling my leg again with this Rom Houben bullshit. I mean, facilitated communication has been a con for quite a long time, and even viewing the video it would absolutely amaze me if anyone actually believes that a man who can barely twitch his eyes and has been in that condition for 25 years can type that fast. I mean, take a look at the communicator, she is clearly just moving his hand and banking in on this poor man’s condition.

This is possibly one of the most deplorable things I’ve ever witnessed and I’m stunned that the media has picked this up and ran with the idea that Houben can actually communicate this well. Dr. Steven Novella has more on his Nuerologica Blog, and it gets me more and more angry as I read about this sort of bullshit.


2 Responses to Rom Houben and Facilitated Communication

  1. Rachel says:

    It is sad. Both my partner and I are getting out masters in psychology, and I remember many a class discussion on the topic. Personally I think the care givers have more control over the communication then the patient, but I can understand the desire of a family to communicate with a loved one with autism or who is paralyzed. Animals prefer answers over not knowing, how true it is dose not matter. At least their false hope is not hurting anyone. What drives me crazy is “the does inoculations cause autism debate” which is completely unfounded. No scientists support this claim yet I have several friends who refuse to get their babies inoculated :(

  2. Floyd Zamarripa says:

    I’m with you on both points, it’s enough to drive a man crazy.

    All we can do is keep point people in the right direction and hopefully enough people will begin to understand science. I mean, vaccines are one of the most fantastic and awe-inspiring advances we’ve had in human history and it’s a shame that anyone would deny that.

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