Beautiful Weather Contact Juggling in St Louis

Today I offer you my latest in Contact Juggling, a short narrative of man vs environment entitled, “Beautiful Weather.”

The weather was about 28-30 degrees Fahrenheit with 10 mph winds that cut the temperature down quite a bit further. I hope everyone enjoys. I’m getting more and more excited about the possibilities of short form narrative and juggling within the 10 minute time constriction of YouTube. Hopefully I’ll have better videos come from this.

The central idea, and featured meta-youtubing, comes from a video done by RollingPhysics last January. I remembered watching it, knowing it was posted during an extremely cold fit of weather here in St Louis. Ever since I’ve been wanting to do a video rebuttal, or at least tempt RollingPhysics from his beach, waves, sun, palm trees et cetera.

Here is his video, in its entirety for your viewing pleasure.


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