How to use a Fushigi Ball Tutorial

With all the hubbub over the fushigi ball I’m sure there are a ton of new contact jugglers wondering just how to use a fushigi ball properly and looking for tutorials!

The good news is that although Fushigi is a company trying to rip off of a public that loves contact juggling, there is still a wonderful contact juggling community that thrives on it’s Pay It Forward mentality! Learn something and then teach it to someone else, all for the benefit of the community.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Brine has been the introduction lesson to CJ for nearly everyone I’ve met:

Dawn has always provided stunning contributions to the art:

Of course, I have my own videos as well. Don’t be afraid to visit and ask questions.


8 Responses to How to use a Fushigi Ball Tutorial

  1. im you says:

    the videos did’nt show αßΓπΣσµτΦΘΩδ∞φε∩

  2. StephenKillianConn says:

    Nerdy Ass Motherfuckers!!!

  3. rip off says:

    this ball is such a ripoff i mean what is the point you cant even work it in real life it was a waste of 20 dollars i mean seriously??

  4. ssshhh says:

    <.<"….good thing i stole mine…. it glows in the dark too

  5. nancy says:

    it is a ripoff! in real life its just a regular ball

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