Where to Buy a Fushigi Ball Online?

An advertising blitz for the fushigi ball has caused a huge surge in interest for the contact juggling community, so where can you purchase one online?

The fushigi ball itself is actually a very low quality acrylic, sold with sub par instructional material with the hope that you’ll give up before you realize there are better balls on the market. The best news is that once you purchase through their company, they will sell your information to advertisers, who will call incessantly trying to sell you more crap.

However, their is an upside! Contact jugglers have been able to purchase high quality acrylic balls from a number of companies for years now! This isn’t much of a secret, as juggling suppliers want to sell their equipment. But due to the way ZoomTV marketed their ball, they don’t exactly make it clear that it’s a piece of juggling equipment sold to contact juggle with. In fact, you could probably go so far as to say that they were intentionally deceptive and harmed the juggling community more than anyone could have imagined.

Here are some of the best suppliers in North America and Europe.

North America:

Neon Husky

Renegade Juggling

Juggling Store



Beard Juggling

But what about the Fushigi Instructional DVD that comes with the ball? Well, contact juggling tutorials can be found throughout contactjuggling.org and through various YouTube videos. Just don’t refer to them as fushigi tutorials. :)


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