All my equipment, resting peacefully on a shelf

Equipment Shelf

Neon Husky

  • 9 2.75inch acrylics, 2 of which are green
  • 1 4.0inch acrylic, clear
  • 1 3.5inch black acrylic
  • 1 3.0inch crystal glass (weighs a ton), teal.  A Neon Husky Mystery Box! Sweet deal if you ask me.

  • 3 Renegade soft handle 95mm clubs
  • 1 4″ Renegade pink stage ball

  • 1 4″ white Sil-X from
  • 5 MMXUltra toss juggling balls

Home Made Fun:

  • 1 set of practice poi made from tennis balls, string, dog choke collars and nylon ribbon.

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