Origin of Species Signed by Skeptics Charity Auction

they scribbled all over it!

Skepticon II was such a mind blowing experience, and now that the Skepticon 3 main site is up it’s probably worth noting that we are trying to raise money by auctioning off a copy of Origin of Species signed by many of the speakers!

On the cover page I was able to get signatures of DJ Grothe, Rebecca Watson, Dan Barker, PZ Myers, Joe Nickell, JT Eberhard and Richard Carrier. My heart will sink a bit to see this leave my apartment, but with all the money going back to Skepticon I feel it’s worth the despondence.

All the speakers for Skepticon came to the midwest to speak for little more than travel costs and booze (which we supplied aplenty), and all the volunteers that organized the event pulled it all together from cash out of pocket. The event was offered to all attendees for free of charge, with free condoms and pirate swords also available. This meant all 13 hours of lectures were played to a packed house. Hundreds of people in attendance and everybody had a blast.

Video of all the lectures are going up, for free mind you, on youtube via Hambone Productions.

I’ll have to do a write up soon about my experience at the event, but the short of it is that it was an absolute blast and really energized me about the skeptic and atheist movement.

Hopefully my enthusiasm will spread.

Edit: Here, for everybody’s amusement, is the email I penned to Ray Comfort on the matter:

Happy Holiday!

I’m in the midst of a charity auction, which is hoping to raise some funds for a nonprofit out of southern Missouri that is using your copy of the 150th Anniversary Edition of The Origin of Species to raise awareness of the Evolutionist and Atheist Agenda.

From the sound of your stirring introduction, I feel that you would be most interested in publicizing our little auction for us. Here is a linky:



4 Responses to Origin of Species Signed by Skeptics Charity Auction

  1. Rachel says:

    This reminded me of your site :) On a juggling note I was wondering what contact juggling videos or books you think are worth while, if any.

  2. Rachel says:

    The picture did not post before. Let’s see if this works, here is a link: http://i997.photobucket.com/albums/af93/Josesandos/atheists.jpg

  3. Floyd Zamarripa says:

    Rachel: I <3 that picture. Thanks for linking it to me.

    On the topic of your question, I can safely say that Contact Juggling parts 1 and 2, dvds are really useful. As far as books, the only one I would say is worth while is Drew Batchelor's Multiball Contact.

    All of these can be found at neonhusky.com

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